Inspiration and Interpretation

Inspiration and Interpretation

John Burgon



217 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788721264 [BURG11]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Most of Dean Burgon's books in print today are written in defence of the Received Text, but this brilliant work is quite different. It is a vigorous defence of the spiritual approach to Scripture interpretation. Double sense in prophecy and a host of other pivotal matters addressed. Very strongly recommended. Preachers will prize this.

Publisher's Note
1. The Study of the Bible Recommended; and a Method of Studying it Described
2. Natural Science and Theological Science
3. Inspiration of Scripture - Gospel Difficulties - The Word of God Infallible - Other Sciences Subordinate to Theological Science
4. The Plenary Inspiration of Every Part of the Bible, Vindicated and Explained - Nature of Inspiration - The Text of Scripture
5. Interpretation of Holy Scripture - Inspired Interpretation - The Bible is Not to be Interpreted Like Any Other Book - God, (Not Man,) The Real Author of The Bible
6. The Doctrine of Arbitrary Scriptural Accommodation Considered
7. The Marvels of Holy Scripture, Moral and Physical - Jael's Deed Defended - Miracles Vindicated