Biblical Separation

Biblical Separation

Ernest D. Pickering



318 pages, Regular Baptist Press , ISBN: 9780872278035 [PICK01]

22.8cm x 15.2cm x 1.6cm , 1 volume(s), 420g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Subtitled - The Struggle for a Pure Church. The best book-length presentation of the biblical duty of separation from false teachers. With an historical survey of separation, much counsel is given on its implementation. Secondary separation is also covered. There is a gracious tone to this work.


  1. The Early Conflict: Donatism vs. Catholicism  
  2. Lights in the Dark Ages  
  3. Separatism and the Anabaptists .
  4. The Puritans and the Separatist Principle  
  5. The Rise and Impact of Modern Religious Unbelief  
  6. The Exodus from Mainline Denominations  
  7. Separatism in Non- and Interdenominational Bodies .
  8. The New and the Young Evangelicals
  9. Ecumenical Evangelism—A Frontal Attack on Biblical Separation
  10. Separation Issues since Ecumenical Evangelism in the 1970s
  11. The Scriptural Basis of Ecclesiastical Separation.
  12. Arguments for the Anti-separatist Position Analyzed
  13. The Problem of So-called Secondary Separation
  14. Implementing Separatist Convictions