The Bible History Told to our Children (3 vols, cloth)

The Bible History Told to our Children (3 vols, cloth)

John Vreugdenhil



393 pages, Netherlands Reformed Congregations of America , ISBN: 9781111100971 [VREU01]

258 mm x 180 mm x 30 mm , 3 volume(s), 3380g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Our enthusiasm for these volumes is great. It is by far the best children's Bible companion we have ever seen. Children's Story Bibles (which are legion) usually take away and give nothing. Some crudely oversimplify Bible events, often presenting them in an excessively juvenile way. They certainly never explain or apply the message.

This, however, is entirely different. The author writes in charming style (the work is translated from Dutch) letting the reader into the atmosphere of the events. You virtually hear him telling these events to the children of the school of which he was principal. Every morning he gave a 20-minute Bible lesson to each age group. His soaring gift with children is plain to see. Much application is implicit, so that these volumes could almost serve as a children's commentary. For reading to children, or for them to read themselves, there is nothing like it. Numerous line drawings adorn the pages. The volumes have no dust jackets, but are well bound and presented. Once parents see this, they will undoubtedly agree that nothing comes near to it for spiritual warmth and effective teaching.