Kids Study Bible, Hardback

Kids Study Bible, Hardback




1152 pages, Hendrickson Publishers , ISBN: 9781598563511 [HPB070]

27.9cm x 21cm x 0.2cm , 1 volume(s), 100g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This is a really magnificent presentation of the King James Bible. It is not what one would expect from the title 'Kids Study Bible'; it is not in the least like the brightly coloured racy cartoon style book we normally associate with the word 'kids'. What makes this version appear so attractive is extra information scattered throughout the Bible, all designed to introduce the young to life-long Bible study. At the Beginning of each book a page highlights the subject, the writer (if known), the date, and the characters, and suggests passages of particular interest in the book. 'Hide it in your heart' verses and paragraphs on 'Bible people you should know' provide challenging and helpful additions to the text throughout. These are all consistent with a view of the Bible as God's inspired, inerrant Word.

In addition, there are full-coloured pages of charts, maps and diagrams illustrating, for example, Herod's temple, a typical synagogue and providing a harmonisation of the Gospels, lists of 'Marys' of the New Testament, and Jesus' disciples complete with all the references. Another coloured section presents information on the make-up of the Bible, its 66 books complete with a brief summary of each. This is followed by a page on 'How the Bible was written down' from stone to leather manuscripts. Lists of Messianic prophecies, Judah's prophets and kings, Bible names with their meanings, are also provided in colour. After Revelation there is a concise Bible Dictionary and Concordance followed by useful lists and references for the Parables, Miracles and Passion of Christ. A number of coloured information maps are provided.

Altogether this King James Version is most appealing and the extra information will endear it to the reader and commend the Bible message to young readers. I believe many adults would be glad to possess a copy. [NB: regrettably, there is a small corner picture of Mary holding a baby under the title 'Marys of the Bible', but this need not necessarily be Christ.]