What you Should Know About your Conscience

What you Should Know About your Conscience

Peter Masters



18 pages, Wakeman Trust , ISBN: 9781899046065 [MAST43]

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What is the mysterious faculty of conscience, and how does it function? What happens when it is abused, or attempts are made to reprogramme it? The existence of the conscience is clearly demonstrated by the author through case histories.

Here are all the vital facts about the conscience and the trouble it can cause, including psychosomatic illnesses.  Here, too, are the techniques people use to unburden the hurting conscience. But the only true and effective way, as this booklet shows, is that which is set out in the Bible.

Extract from the booklet

...their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another (Romans 2.15)

NEVER HAS THE human race been so advanced in knowledge, and yet never have people been more confused about themselves and their mental make-up. Take the role of the conscience. What is this mysterious faculty? How does it function? And what happens when it is abused?

It is surprising that so little is heard about the conscience since it gives no end of trouble to practically everyone and is behind a lot of sickness and stress at the present time. There are many conditions of body as well as mind which physicians cannot get to the bottom of, and we can only guess at the problems inflicted by a suppressed conscience. It is said in the Bible that people may suffer debilitating and even fatal illnesses through the stifling of this faculty (1 Corinthians 11.28-30). Great thinkers of the past saw the hand of conscience in life's strange afflictions to a degree seldom recognised today.