What is a Reformed Church?

What is a Reformed Church?

Malcolm Watts



164 pages, Reformation Heritage Books , ISBN: 9781601781574 [WATT05]

190mm x 125mm x 10mm , 1 volume(s), 176g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This compact book is a gem, and a masterpiece of precise, economical writing. It lays out clearly the distinctives of a Reformed church, and defines Reformed doctrines in a way that will greatly help newcomers to the faith, and also consolidate established believers. It is never dry, reflecting constantly the spiritual blessings of biblical living.
In today's confused climate, when 'new Calvinists' on the internet grasp only half the Reformed faith, it will help many readers to find reverent, worthy worship is at the heart of a truly Reformed church. Nothing else is even remotely authentic.
The manner of church government is also important in a Reformed church, and so is discipline, and both are helpfully described in these pages. Then the author turns to evangelism, highlighting what is so special about Reformed preaching and outreach, that addresses the whole person, mind, heart and will, not just calling for mental assent, or an emotional response, and so stocking the churches with false converts still clinging to the world. A final effective chapter appeals for the maintaining of the faith, a vital duty of believers.
This book stands alone as a clear, readable summary of the central features of a true Gospel church, and will be invaluable for widespread prescribing especially to new believers and those friends who come newly to Reformed churches, as well as for Bible and doctrine class leaders. Strongly recommended.