Thomas Manton

Thomas Manton

Derek Cooper



297 pages, P&R Publishing , ISBN: 9781596382138 [COOP01]

215mm x 150mm x 10mm , 1 volume(s), 603g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

C H Spurgeon loved to quote Thomas Manton, and said he had 'come to know him' so well that he could pick him out from a thousand divines if he came back in his 'portly form'. Manton's Works, we are told, contain a better selection of sermons than exist for any other leading Puritan preacher. Readers who use Spurgeon's Treasury of David will know the value of Manton's quotations for Psalm 119. But gems from Manton are to be found in many commentaries, especially on James and Jude. This is therefore a most welcome book to receive, full of so many interesting insights into 17th century Puritan times. Manton was a member of the Westminster Assembly, Rector of Stoke Newington, then St Paul's, Covent Garden until ejected from the Church of England with over 2000 other clergy on Black Bartholomew's Day, 1662.
This book is far more than a biography, for it reveals at length the interpretative methods of this outstanding Puritan, with special reference to this commentary on James, and to the 'analogy of faith' approach. This material is unusually well presented and will greatly interest preachers.
There is a long section on Manton's typically Puritan teaching on 'meditating', and another on self-denial, so often neglected by today's preaching ministry. A fine and enjoyable work, strongly recommended.

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