The Shadow of Calvary

The Shadow of Calvary

Hugh Martin



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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Subtitled - Gethsemane, The Arrest, The Trial. `I have entitled the volume The Shadow of Calvary because it does not dare to carry the reader into the thick darkness.' It certainly plumbs the depths to provide the very highest quality of devotional reading. For all.

1. Gethsemane - The Incidents
2. Gethsemane  - The Agony of Sorrow
3. Gethsemane  - The Agony of Prayer
4. Gethsemane  - Failing Fellow-Watchers
5. Gethsemane  - A Prayer-Chamber for Disciples
6. The Arrest  - Secret Prayer Answered Openly
7. The Arrest  - The Prisoner Judging all Parties
8. The Arrest  - The Captive Carrying Captivity Captive
9. The Trial  - The Character of the Judge
10. The Trial  - "Given You in that Same Hour"
11. The Trial  -  "Destroy This Temple"_
12. The Trial  - "Nevertheless ... Hereafter!"_
13. The Trial  - Condemned!

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