The Practical Works of Richard Baxter

The Practical Works of Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter



956 pages, Hendrickson , ISBN: 9781598565713 [BAXT07]

23.5cm x 15.8cm x 4.5cm , 1 volume(s), 1180g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This is a brilliantly conceived volume of some of Baxter's greatest treatises. It is not the full 'Practical Works' (i.e. George Virtue's 4-volume edition, 19th century) but the single-volume selection of items issued in 1863 by Blackie & Son.

Baxter's Call to the Unconverted (55 pages in this volume) was as well known as Pilgrims Progress (and Paradise Lost) for almost two centuries. It is a Puritan evangelistic remonstration and persuasion. So also is Now or Never (48 pages) and 'Direction to a Sound Conversion (113 pages). How small is the range of evangelistic reasonings employed by us today by comparison with the Puritans!

Baxter's extended tracts and treatises are full of help and stimulation for evangelistic preaching and pastoral exhortation. His very full - The Mischiefs of Self-Ignorance and the Benefits of Self-Acquaintance is a textbook in itself for shepherding or counselling.

This Hendrickson edition is very well presented and with this publisher long print-runs come out at a bargain price. A really worthwhile gift and highly recommended. This volume includes the remarkable - Saints Everlasting Rest; also - The Divine Life; A Treatise of Conversion; A Call to the Unconverted; Now or Never; Directions and Persuasions to a Sound Conversion; Directions for Weak Distempered Christians; The Character of a Sound, Confirmed Christian; The Mischiefs of Self-Ignorance and the Benefits of Self-Acquaintance; and Dying Thoughts.

This outstanding Puritan, who lived 1615-1692, knew turbulent times, being frequently fined and imprisoned (once for eighteen months when past seventy).