The Holy Trinity - In Scripture, History, Theology and Worship

The Holy Trinity - In Scripture, History, Theology and Worship

Robert Letham



P&R Publishing pages, 696 , ISBN: 9781629953779 [LETH02]

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This is a major work on the doctrine of the Trinity from an adjunct professor of Westminster Seminary, and would supply all that a pastor could wish for. The `history' of the doctrine is traced through chapters on the biblical foundation, historical development, modern discussion (or contributions from scholarship) and the place of the Trinity in the incarnation, worship, creation, missions, and the lives of individuals. The language is always very clear, the only dense chapters being those reviewing modern scholars. A vital work which will spur pastoral readers to more worthily acknowledge and extol the Triune God.

Publisher's note.

Robert Letham’s award winning The Holy Trinity receives a well-considered update in a revised and expanded new edition. Letham examines the doctrine of the Trinity’s biblical foundations and traces its historical development before engaging critical issues. This new edition addresses developments in Augustine studies, teaching on the Trinity and election in Barth studies, East-West relations, and evangelical disputes on the relation of the Son to the Father.

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