The Healing Waters of Israel

The Healing Waters of Israel

John Ross MacDuff



297 pages, Counted Faithful , ISBN: 9781788720069 [MACD01]

234 mm x 157 mm x 10 mm , 1 volume(s), 275g

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Elegantly and graciously written, this surefooted Scottish preacher (1818-1895) narrates and applies the healing of Naaman, bringing out all the arguments for conversion, and showing how God placed in the Syrian's heart the conscience of a child of God. A model series of messages demonstrating true preaching at its most moving and encouraging, rare in our day.

1. Introductory: The Contrasted Rivers
2. The Leper Warrior
3. The Little Captive Maid
4. The Pilgrimage
5. The Remedy and its Rejection
6. Man®Õ??s Thoughts and God®Õ??s Thoughts
7. Seasonable Interposition
8. The Crisis and the Cure
9. Consecration
10. Scruples of the New Proselyte
11. A Voice of Warning

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