The Grace of Law

Ernest F Kevan

Paperback , Pages: 294 , Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria , ISBN: 9781877611636 , Product Dimensions: - , Volumes: 1 Weight: 325g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This most important book issued in 1964 (from the author's PhD thesis) is full of referenced information about, and quotes from, Puritan divines on the place of the moral law in the life of the believer. We see how Puritanism responded to the antinomianism that reared its head in those days. In times when moral abandon and worldliness is growing even in evangelical churches, and when new covenant deviations are being embraced by an increasing number of preachers, this is a most helpfully constructed overview of the Puritan viewpoint, and vital to present-day preachers. As Dr Joel Beeke says, 'Ernest Kevan's The Grace of Law gives us a library of biblically balanced Puritan wisdom condensed into one book. Dr Kevan has masterfully drawn and woven together the threads of several dozen Puritan writers on God's law into a beautiful tapestry of their theology of grace.'

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