The Beginning of the World: A Scientific Study of Genesis 1 - 11

The Beginning of the World: A Scientific Study of Genesis 1 - 11

Henry Morris



164 pages, New Leaf Publishing - Master Books , ISBN: 9780890511626 [MORR20]

230mm x 152mm x 12mm , 1 volume(s), 290g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Publisher's note
A handy study of Genesis 1-11, this book gives insightful commentary into the stories most often labeled as "myth" by those who want to chip away at the Bible. Morris details amazing evidence that the first 11 chapters of Genesis are literal history that shapes us today.

The Beginning of the World is an in-depth Bible study of Genesis revealing the scientific proof of Creation. Sadly the unproven theory of evolution is now widely accepted among Christians. Faith in this philosophy subtly, yet assuredly undermines faith in the authority and infallibility of Scripture. In this Bible study resource, Dr. Henry Morris shines a bright light on the synchronicity between the Bible and modern science.

If the first eleven chapters of the Bible are considered allegory or myth, how will new and immature Christians relate to the Ten Commandments? Dr. Morris, the founder of the Institute for Creation Research, recognizes the attack on the foundational message of the Bible as Satan’s long war against God. His professional scientific and biblical research is aimed at defeating the lies of evolution and defending the Bible.

The New Testament directly quotes or alludes to the Book of Genesis no less than 200 times, with half of these referring to the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Jesus Christ quoted or referred to each of the first 7 chapters of Genesis alone. All of these references show that both Christ and the apostles accepted Genesis not only as fully historical but also as divinely inspired.

The Beginning of the World offers careful analysis of following topics and many more revealing their relevance and/or application to our 21st century lives.

The fallacies of Evolution
The Meaning of Marriage
The Giants in the earth
The Geological Implications of the Flood
The Noahic Covenant
The Table of Nations
Nimrod and the Tower of Babel
If you love the Bible but experience difficulty in defending it against intellectual arguments, you will find this Bible study resource extremely helpful. Perhaps Dr. Morris writes to help you and your church withstand the academic attack and ridicule of the Christian faith by supplying a solid and intelligent knowledge of the complete integrity of Genesis. This book is an excellent study aid for Bible teachers, Bible study groups, and individual study by both scholars and laymen. Discussion questions are offered at the end of each chapter.

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