Survey of the Bible, 4th Edition

Survey of the Bible, 4th Edition

William Hendriksen


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Subtitled - A Treasury of Bible Information. The world-famous commentator provides background and thumbnail explanations of every biblical book. This is the best overview of the whole Bible. Plainly and warmly written, it is highly suitable for group study. 

Publisher’s note:

Brief chapters on how to study and interpret the Bible are followed by an overview of Bible history (which is also summarized in seven chronological charts), followed by an introduction to the 66 books of Scripture. The latter are divided into 21 groups, and these groups are treated in chronological, not canonical, order.  The text is illustrated with 32 photographs and 18 lists, charts, diagrams, and maps. There are study questions for each chapter, section by section and the book is fully indexed.

Number of pages 512

Author: William Hendriksen (ThD, Princeton Theological Seminary) was professor of New Testament literature at Calvin Theological Seminary.

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