Sunshine Country - O/P

Sunshine Country - O/P

Kristiny Royovej



120 pages, Christian Focus Publications , ISBN: 9781857928556 [ROYO01]

177 mm x 110 mm x 11 mm , 1 volume(s), 130g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

A charming story set in the mountains of Czechoslovakia reminiscent of the famous 'Heidi' yet with even more spiritual content. The young hero's joyful conversion is brought about, step-by-step, through reading a 'book' (the Bible) discovered in a hidden cave. It is so infectious that others in the village seek the forgiveness of their sins from the only Saviour of Whom he reads and Whom he comes to love and serve. Even the village priest comes to see that good works cannot earn Heaven, and shortly before his death, urges his congregation to look only to Christ.

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