Preaching from the Types and Metaphors of the Bible

Benjamin Keach

Cloth , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Kregel , ISBN: 9780825430084 , Product Dimensions: 239 mm x 155 mm x 38 mm , Volumes: 1 Weight: 2002g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Keach worthily represents the considerable learning and interpretative skill of 17th-century English Baptists. The first 238 pages - Defining and Interpreting Metaphors as used by the Bible - are a fine presentation of the science of biblical interpretation. There is no work on the types to match this. Spurgeon made the celebrated remark that he made 'metaphors run on as many legs as a centipede'. Nevertheless he cherished and recommended this work strongly. It should certainly be in every preacher's library.

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