Portuguese Worship in the Melting Pot DVD

Peter Masters

DVD Case , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Editora Principios Reais , ISBN: 735201032092 , Product Dimensions: 190mm x 137mm x 14mm , Volumes: 1 Weight: 120g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

3 messages totalling 131 minutes Worship in the Melting Pot The new worship - is it right? 'A new style of worship has swept into evangelical life shaking to the foundations traditional concepts and attitudes.' How should we react? Is it all just a matter of taste and age? Will churches be helped or ruined by all this? In this DVD, filmed at a Day of Special Studies at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Dr Masters presents much of the material in his book of the same title. Here are four essential principles of worship laid down by the Lord Jesus Christ, along with a view of the modest use of instruments in Bible times, and the style of worship.

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