Edward Marbury

Hardback , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Tentmaker , ISBN: 9781901670639 , Product Dimensions: 210 x 147 x 18 , Volumes: 1 Weight: 1266.2g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Praised by Spurgeon for his liveliness of style and spirituality of mind, the Puritan author derived this material from sermons preached in London in the 1640s. The 21 verses of Obadiah are explained in 200 pages in this reprint from the Nisbet 1865 edition. Consisting of numerous (numbered) points on each verse, including 'uses' and 'queries' with 'solutions', this provides countless pithy observations of typically Puritan character. This is just about the opposite of today's 'evangelical' technical commentaries that endlessly quote liberals and altogether fail to identify the spiritual message. It shows how to analyse the verses for meaning, purpose and application. Condensed practical comment.

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