Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey

Simonetta Carr


large-format hardback

297 pages, Reformation Heritage Books,Inc , ISBN: 9781601781901 [CARR01]

210mm x 260mm x 13mm , - 510g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This is a beautifully produced book in common with others of this history series. Printed on mock parchment paper with many full-page colour pictures and some black and white historic engravings, it is worthy of its subject.
Few Christians know the noble story of Lady Jane Grey who became Queen of England for nine days between the famous reigns of young King Edward and Queen Mary.
Children will be gripped by the sad and cruel ways of life in Tudor times as they affected this young girl. They will learn how she grew up in royal circles but was dismayed to learn that the dying Edward had nominated her as his successor just before he died aged sixteen. His desire was to deprive Roman Catholic Mary the opportunity to return the land to Catholicism. He knew Lady Jane was an earnest believer, constant Bible reader and a woman of prayer, and so he altered his will in her favour. How the ruthless Mary was ready and armed to seize back the throne, and how soon Jane suffered the fatal consequences we are told with sympathy.
A book of value not only in presentation but in subject matter and full of drama for young readers.
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