Keeping the Kids

Keeping the Kids

David W Cloud



297 pages, Way of Life Literature , ISBN: 9781583181157 [CLOU08]

210mm x 136mm x 27mm , 1 volume(s), 560g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Practical, practical, practical all the way through, this manual of child rearing and spiritual training is crammed with challenges and sound advice. There are more warnings and more positive tips per page in this than we have seen in any similar book. Parents and grandparents also are advised and given lists of godly duties for the producing of happy homes and children.
The author begins with the conversion of children, warning against shallow decisions, emphasising the need for genuine repentance (and the need for a church that only admits genuinely converted people to its membership).
There are fine chapters on husband-and-wife relationships, child discipline, modern dangers from which separation is vital, and the helping of children who are already rebellious. There is advice on daily Bible reading, and a remarkable chapter by another preacher entitled, 'How to Lose Your Child Before He is Five Years Old'. A checklist of over forty parental standards concludes the book.
Once or twice the author's Arminian views are glimpsed, and it is a pity that no alternatives are offered to the use of corporal punishment for bad behaviour. Nevertheless it is a valuable book, brisk in style. An immense help and asset to parents who want to prove the Lord and be a blessing to their children.

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