Jensen's Survey of the Old Testament

Irving L. Jensen

Cloth , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Moody Press , ISBN: 9780802443076 , Product Dimensions: 235 mm x 160 mm x 34 mm , Volumes: 1 Weight: 1157g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

This well-known work gives information on each book under background, theme, contents, doctrines and applications. Charts, maps and chronological data are included for each book. It is ideal for personal study of the Word, and for teachers. It provides a fresh and highly credible analysis of the doctrinal and teaching themes of each book, adding an abundance of suggested application. In the case of books like Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Job and Ecclesiastes to mention a few, the notes provide more suggestive application than is to be found in many specific commentaries. Dr Jensen is a decided premillennialist.

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