Edward Marbury



297 pages, Tentmaker , ISBN: 9781901670622 [MARB01]

210 x 147 x 40 , 1 volume(s), 1266.2g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

A worthy Puritan commentary of the non-wordy, more note-like kind. The original title page (1649) says: 'The text is methodically analysed and the sense of the words is explained by doctrine, reason and use, together with very reasonable observations.'
Marbury, at the time of this outstanding work, was Rector of St James, Garlickhithe (City of London), later being deposed for his doctrines. Spurgeon lists only this as a recommended commentary on Habakkuk, saying, 'Here Marbury holds the field alone among old English authors, and he does so worthily. There is about him a vigorous, earnest freshness which makes his pages glow.'
Occasionally his Puritan mistrust of the Authorised Version shows, eg: 'And here I forsake the King's Bible, for I cannot find either sense or coherence in it' (on Habakkuk 2.5). He really preferred the Geneva Bible.
As in the case of the author's Obadiah, this is non-stop spiritual explanation and application, teeming with doctrines, uses, objections, solutions, exhortations and comforts. Any preacher not stirred and challenged by these notes would lack spiritual heart and imagination.

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