Francis Schaeffer

Mostyn Roberts

Paperback , Pages: 144 , Publisher: Evangelical Press , ISBN: 9780852347928 , Product Dimensions: - , Volumes: 1 Weight: 300g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

"The author is an excellent writer who keeps this deeply interesting biography moving at a brisk pace, providing a fine view of the life and accomplishments of Schaeffer. Mostyn Roberts clearly feels a debt to the great man, having been greatly helped by his books in his early Christian life, but he does not idealise him and ignore his flaws.
Francis Schaeffer goes back to the time of Gresham Machen and the founding of Westminster Seminary in 1929. When the Bible Presbyterian Church split away starting Faith Seminary, Schaeffer was the first student.
Here we read of his conversion, development in the faith, training, early service, discovery of his love for art, migration to Switzerland, the emergence of famous L'Abri, and his mature teachings. We also read briefly of his later, less surefooted, involvement with politics.
Francis Schaeffer was a hugely significant figure in evangelical life, and his work an immense benefit to very many people, particularly students. Mostyn Roberts explains the strengths of his views, showing him to be well before his time in the identification of emerging post-modernism, and how it was that his apologetic was so effective in unravelling the thinking of the young. He had an unsurpassed grasp of contemporary culture, but was, above all, a pastor and an evangelist.
This is a most valuable work."

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