Food in the Bible - Rainbow Colouring Books

Food in the Bible - Rainbow Colouring Books

Ruth Hearson



297 pages, DayOne Publications , ISBN: 9781846253454 [HEAR07]

298mm x 210mm x 5mm , 1 volume(s), 140g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

These five colouring books are presented in large, brightly coloured jackets. There are fourteen pages with a heading and Bible text to colour in together with a brief paragraph in clear black print explaining the significance of the item to a child. On the back of the page is an attractive whole page outline drawing for children to colour. These skilful drawings are of a cheerful cartoon nature but not silly. Each booklet presents topics drawn from the Bible, including Harvest (perhaps for the youngest children with fewer words). For example, Food in the Bible includes pages on nuts (Genesis 14.11), cucumbers and garlic (Numbers 11.5), stew (from 2 Kings 4.38), vegetables (Daniel 1.12) and giving thanks for our food (Matthew 14.19).
These books would be valuable for parents and children looking for worthwhile material to fill time.

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