509 KJV Thompson Chain Regular Size Black Bonded Leather

King James Version

Leather , Pages: 297 , Publisher: Kirkbride , ISBN: 9780887073298 , Product Dimensions: 242 mm x 174 mm x 35 mm , Volumes: 1 Weight: 1690g


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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

The most widely respected and highly-acclaimed Bible for more than five generations. The Thompson Chain Reference Bible offers you what no other study Bible can - every basic tool you need for in-depth Bible study that is perfectly matched to your specific needs and personal interests. --- The unique Thompson Chain Reference Study System grants you immediate access to every key reference to every significant theme, topic, person and place discussed anywhere in Scripture. --- Seventy five additional exclusive features, grouped into nine major divisions of Bible study helps, guide you to exactly the information you need to fully understand any passage of scripture, Bible character, or important event in the Bible. - Alphabetical Index - Numerical Index of Chain Topics - Bible Readings - Outline Studies of the Bible - Character studies - Bible Harmonies and illustrated Studies - Archaeological Supplement - Revised Concordance

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