Worship Bundle

Worship Bundle

Metropolitan Tabernacle


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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Two books and one CD

Book 1: Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship?

Begins with an evangelical psalter - 'Spirit of the Psalms' (the first 150 hymn numbers correspond to the 150 psalms of the Bible). Altogether there are 266 psalm versions followed by 591 carefully selected hymns.

Book 2: Worship or Entertainment?

Here also is a fascinating view of how they worshiped in Bible times, including their rules for the use of instruments, and the question is answered 

CD: Great Hymns and Psalms of the Faith

All are from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Sunday services. Here is inspiring, heartfelt worship by believers of all nationalities.  The CD is provided in a case with a booklet with the words of each hymn.

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