Stop Counseling! Start Ministering!

Stop Counseling! Start Ministering!

Bobgan,Martin & Deidre



325 pages, EastGate Publishers , ISBN: 9780941717229 [BOBG15]

215mm x 140mm x 20mm , 1 volume(s), 460g

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Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Martin and Deidre Bobgan have been researching the so-called 'Christian' counselling movement for years, and were the first to demonstrate its shameful integration of humanistic psychology with biblical ministry.
In the introduction to this book, they say that problem-centred counselling (the usual approach today) is sinful, usurping spiritual change and growth through the Word, by the power of the Spirit. In the following chapters they expose the wrongful undressing of people's lives by encouraging 'evil speaking' of others on the part of clients, in order to get at the truth about relationship problems. They also show biblically why cross-gender counselling should cease. They demonstrate from worldwide research the fallacy of much secular counselling and its many detrimental effects.
Positively, Dr and Mrs Bobgan here make a strong call for the application of the Bible to spiritual needs, in order to change the person, rather than the use of secular strategies focussing on problems. Here are some of the subheadings of the chapter on Ministering Biblically; Reasons Why Christians Suffer; God's Purposes and Benefits; Experiencing God Through Trials; Developing a Grateful Heart; Long-Term Suffering; The Father's Loving Discipline; Becoming Equipped to Handle Problems of Living; The Ministry of Prayer, Daily Seeking God.
This is how Christians used to approach matters. May their advice call many back to deeply effective personal ministry.

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