Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible Hardback (KJV)

Zodhiates, S. (Ed)

Hardback , Pages: 297 , Publisher: AMG , ISBN: 9780899577456 , Product Dimensions: 235mm x 168mm x 46mm , Volumes: - Weight: 2009.8g

Reviews mostly by Dr Peter Masters

Key words of each sentence are numbered, usingÿ‹¯¨Strong's Concordance‹¯¨ numbers, and all these words are accorded long definitions and notes in the Hebrew/Greek dictionaries.ÿ‹¯¨Strong's‹¯¨ dictionaries are also reproduced at the end of the volume. The editor's useful text notes appear at the foot of the pages, and there is a concordance of key words. Good for general users.

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